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China has Innovated throughout its History – Francis Pisani

Even though we love smartphones, we do have a big problem with them: entering text causes more pain than pleasure. Touchscreens are awesome, but navigating their virtual keyboards is an ordeal. In 2008, four graduates of Shanghai’s best universities, who worked for multinational companies like Microsoft and Intel, attempted to address this.Instead of complaining about […]

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Design thinking: How to innovate if you’re not an engineer – Francis Pisani

Tech innovation will always need engineers – and savvy geeks – entrepreneurs, and investors excited by risks and the opportunities that come with them.Everyone has their own recipe for success, so there really is no one true way to do things.It’s like brewing, the co-mingling of important elements. The mix is even richer, potentially more […]

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Reprisal: The Journey East, Returning to My Roots – Francis Pisani

I’m writing this in Ho Chi Minh City. I just got here, the next step on my trip around the world of innovation. From here, I’ll go to Singapore, Manilla, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York. The big trip.This is also also where I became a journalist, entirely by accident.It […]

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The Experimental Tweet Presentation – Francis Pisani

I was recently asked to talk about how innovation has changed journalism, which turned into an experiment in tweeting my own presentation with no visual support besides my Twitter page. This took place at the end of June as part of the 4M Conference (Montpellier, Mediterranean, Media, Mutations) organized by Canal France International.It was sort […]