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Chapitre 1 – L’innovation vient aussi d’ailleurs Quand l’innovation dans les cafés vient de l’Inde – Francis Pisani

Starbucks n’a plus qu’à bien se tenir. Café Coffee Day, une chaîne indienne de 1 300 cafés est à ses trousses. Les variétés sont différentes mais la qualité du café qu’on y boit est comparable. L’avantage, paradoxal quand on se rappelle que le quartier général de la chaîne américaine se trouve à Seattle, pas loin […]

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Taxibeat: A Greek Startup Makes Finding a Cab Easier and More Reliable – Francis Pisani

There were a lot of good startups at LeWeb . Startups hailing from northern Europe, Canada and the United States … but the most impressive startup was from Greece. Taxibeat, developed in Athens, helps users find taxis in cities major cities, from Paris, São Paulo and Rio to Bucharest and Oslo – with more and more cities being […]

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LeWeb shows part of the Innovation World’s Diversity, but needs more Southern Exposure – Francis Pisani

The best thing about LeWeb (December 3-6, Paris) is the the huge amount of countries represented. The 3,500 attendees came from “almost 70 countries,” says event co-founder Géraldine Le Meur, who founded the conference – now in its ninth year along with her husband, Loïc. The couple, originally from France, are based in California.Conferences are a vital part of […]

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China’s Social Entrepreneurship, Part Two: Relevant to Us – Francis Pisani

Social entrepreneurship helps Chinese citizens fight social problems without resorting to politics. Perhaps we can learn something from them.In my last post, I profiled Isaac Mao, who is building a platform to bring his IT and business skills to the service of social activists.We-Impact approaches things from a different angle. The Shanghai-based company offers organizations a […]

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The Impact of China’s Population on the Future of IT – Francis Pisani

The 1,300,000,000 population of the Chinese nation is seen by foreigners as an enormous potential market. Since the labor there is cheaper than developed nations, companies line up to manufacture and sell there. But this is changing, and the implications for information technologies are complex and, perhaps, surprising.The size of the market won’t change – […]