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I’m launching this new blog from Mexico, the first step in a series of trips born from a desire to understand the state of innovation and social media in the five corners of the world. I’m convinced that the majority of life-changing technologies will come soon from places other than Silicon Valley. I lived in the valley area for 15 years, trying to share what I learned there on my blog, Transnets — which still exists and is periodically updated.

In the five corners of the globe.” This is first of all a nod to the Mayas, who described five cardinal points, the fifth being the vertical axis which passed through the Earth, linking the infra-worlds to the heavens – 3D imagery before 3D. It’s also a professed desire to go to as many cities, as many continents, as possible. For this project that means more than thirty cities and five continents.

Here is a provisional list: Mexico, Casablanca, Dakar, Abidjan, Accra, Nairobi, Cairo, Tunis, Bologna, Belgrade, Istanbul, Doha, Tehran, Dubai, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Sydney, Djakarta, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Cologne, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and San Francisco. 


J’enquête, je suis et j’analyse les technologies de l’information et de la communication depuis la préhistoire (1994). Piqué par la curiosité et l’envie de comprendre ce que je sentais important,...