Ringtones : une nouvelle forme d’art ?

Publié le 10 Juillet 2005

Ringtonesfuchsnyt_1C’est ce qu’affirme cet article du New York Times qui constate qu’au lieu de simplement transformer de la musique existante en ringtones, certains artistes et DJ en ont fait une nouvelle forme de recherche et d’expression musicale.

Mainstream musicians are not the only ones intrigued by the possibility of the ringing opus. In 2001, the multimedia artist Golan Levin, now a professor of electronic art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, was the co-creator of "Dialtones," a "telesymphony" (flong.com/telesymphony), composed entirely of the rings of audience members' cellphones. In Britain (where pop-inspired ringtones already often outsell the songs they are based on), there's a wide variety of phone art, from Nick Crowe's "Axis of Evil" national anthems (artones.net) to Stream & Shout, which paired artists and students to create original ringtones (streamandshout.net).

[Dessin de Thomas Fuchs pour l'article du NYT]

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