Voici la réponsedonnée par Shel Israel à la deuxième question que je lui ai posée (voir ici lapremière). Je rappelle qu’il ne s’agit que d’un complément au billet sur leurlivre. Les blogs permettent, entre autres choses, de publier l’intégralité esentrevues. Celle-ci a été réalisée par courriel.

  • How do you see     the impact of the conversational revolution on the internal working of     companies? What is the relationship with blogging for the outside?

 My expertise issomewhat limited on internal blogging.  They are being massively adoptedas a cleaner, faster, easier intranet.  IBM has thousands of internalblogs, which is most interesting because it would imply that their own LotusNotes is being shunted aside. In Naked Conversations, we discussed PaulOtellini, Intel’s CEO who uses an internal blog to interact with his 86,000employees.  After more than a year of this experience, there has been onlyone breach of the confidentiality he requests of them. A C-level officer hasused social media technology to chat online with thousands of his employees.

The relationshipbetween blogging organizations and their constituencies has monumentalimplications. Word of mouth has always been the best marketing method andblogging is the first technology that enables word of mouth on a global level. All of marketing efforts, I think, should be driven toward answering a singlefundamental question and that is “What goods and services do my customers want”and blogging is the best way of getting an accurate and dynamic answer.Blogging lets you show a human face, that you have employees you trust to speakin their own vices, that you are willing to listen respectfully to sincerecriticism. I see the day not far into the future when every employee is givenhis or her own blog at the same time they get an email account.  I alsosee a day soon coming where companies that don’t blog will be held in suspicionbecause of their apparently closed cultures.

J’enquête, je suis et j’analyse les technologies de l’information et de la communication depuis la préhistoire (1994). Piqué par la curiosité et l’envie de comprendre ce que je sentais important,...