Pourquoi on fait « ça ».

« …The discipline of blogging, and the concomitant comments you receive from readers, will improve your thinking, researching, writing, editing, graphic design, and editing skills. You are in total control. You are writer, editor, publisher, and marketing expert. You have the freedom and responsibility for the entire production and distribution of your material.

« I urge you all to seriously consider starting a blog tonight. It’s free and all it takes is about 5 minutes at most to start one.

« The blog represents the first time in human history that any individual can have a voice on a level playing field with government, religion, and corporations. One blogger can start an investigation, provide an answer, or provoke an uprising that domination systems cannot control.

« Blogs are ideal for any writer, and the blogosphere is where every writer must be. »

Écrit par Angelo Ingrid (je ne sais pas qui c’est).

C’est son premier billet .

Pas mal pour commencer un blog…

Trouvé sur le site de Doc Searls.

J’enquête, je suis et j’analyse les technologies de l’information et de la communication depuis la préhistoire (1994). Piqué par la curiosité et l’envie de comprendre ce que je sentais important,...